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General Information Links

Organizations & Clubs - The International Curling Information Network
Curling Directory - The Site with links to other Curling Clubs
The Curling History Page - The Archives of the game of Curling
In The Hack - The Curling News and Rumours Site
Slam Curling - News items and Curling Headlines
TSN Curling Site - Curling News and Schedules from TSN
CBC Curling Site - Curling News and Schedules from CBC

Curling Clubs in Northern Ontario

Marathon Curling Club
The Fort William Curling Club
Sudbury Curling Club
Sturgeon Falls Granite Club

Curling Associations

Canadian Curling Association
Curl Ontario
T.&.N.O.C.A. Website
Curl Northern Ontario Website
N.O.L.C.A. Website
Curl Northwest Website
Associations in Canada

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